A Weight Gain Plan For Even The Toughest Hardgainer

If your metabolism is eating away your reserves then you need a weight gain plan that will overcome this and put you on a sure weight gain path.

A solid weight gain diet is a must if you wish to gain any type of weight fast. You have to consume at least 3500 calories weekly to put on a pound of weight.

Weight Gain Plan

You may be tall thin and so skinny that people are telling you that your genes is why you can't gain weight. The truth is, you have a high metabolism and very few fat cells. So to overcome this you need to eat more often, at least 5 or more meals/snacks per day. Snacking is a great way to add on some extra pounds. You will have to come up with a food plan that you will follow daily. Planning your meals ahead is the best way to go.

Tracking exactly what you eat will help you to know if you're under-eating. Your calorie intake is very important, use the calories calculator to count the amount of calories you eat daily. Gaining weight isn't easy especially if you're tall and thin. But, it can be done. Counting calories is a phase you have to go through in the beginning stages, once you get used to it, you won't need to do it anymore. You will know exactly what to eat, and you won't need to count anymore calories.

Weight Gain Meal Plan:

My meal plan is simple, you have to eat foods high in calories and snack often. It takes a bit of getting used to. Most thin folks eat a lot of food in one or two sittings, and that will take care of their needs, but it's not enough to help you pack on the pounds.

Weight gain eating isn't complicated, it is just difficult for thin people to eat all the time. You have to be eating at least every two to three hours.

Make sure to increase the amount of water you drink on a daily basis.

Stick with the weight gain plans by consuming 5 to 6 meals daily. You will have to eat lots of protein to put on weight. You don't need to take weight gain supplements to gain weight. You can get all the proteins you need from poultry, fish, lean meat and eggs. I add a couple whey protein shakes or weight gain meals for quick meals that are protein rich.

The best way to gain weight is to eat, eat and eat some more. I can guarantee you that by following this weight gain method, you will gain at least 5 pounds or more per month.

Important Tip: Don't forget that all that over-eating will add fat to your frame, so instead of just eating all day, learn how to gain muscle mass while you put on the weight.

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