Height Weight Chart


he height weight chart is used to compare your height to the ideal weight. You will be able to tell if your under-weight, over-weight or just obese.

HealthWeight Chart

Let me try and explain how the height and weight chart works.You have to locate your weight in kilos at the top of the chart, if you would rather use stones (that is how the British measure their weight, one stone is roughly 6.5 Kg or about 15 lbs)

Next you have to check your height, on the left side you can use feet and inches, and on the right side meters.

Those two numbers, your height and your weight is what we will use you to see where your weight falls in the chart. Your connect both numbers in a straight line from top down or bottom up to right side or left side, depending on what you used. The connecting point will show if your under weight, OK, over-weight fat or very fat (obese).

Example Height and Weight Chart for Men

Let's assume your 75 Kg and 6 feet tall. I have drew out the way to connect the lines to see where you fall in the chart.

Height Weight Chart

The ladies will have to take a look at the...

Height Weight Chart for Women

Please Note: Nothing is carved in stone, so don't dwell on the readings of the chart, you have not taken the many different body type structures into consideration.

You can also measure your BMI (Body Mass Index), many believe you can see exactly how much body fat your walking around with, but that's not exactly true.

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