Why You Should Add Some Type of Exercise and Fitness to Your Daily Routine

Any type of physical exercise and fitness is better than sitting on your couch praying and hoping to get fit.

A healthy heart contributes to better living, and to stay fit and healthy requires some type of fitness strength training. Don't confuse this with bodybuilding. Strength training can be as simple as swimming, jogging, walking, dancing or just a jumping exercise at home.

Exercise and Fitness

As long as you follow some type of workout routine you will be stimulating your heart and keeping yourself healthy and fit. Just 30 minutes every other day or three time per week is more than adequate. For a hard gainer, they will have to be very careful because too much physical exercise would increase your metabolism.

Exercise and Fitness Tips


If you've never exercised before, I advise starting with daily walks to warm up the muscles. If you work out at a gym, then start with a simple treadmill machine for 20 to 30 minutes.

Another simple strength training exercise that I used to get me motivated was doing 3 sets of ten push-ups. As I got stronger I increased my push-ups to 3 sets of 15. After that I went on to doing just one set until failure. My strength increased gradually and I was up to 50 push-ups in one setting.

I did this each morning and evening without fail for 3 months, not only did I get stronger, but I felt better.

If you start following an exercise routine and you don't feel tired, then your not working out hard enough. Your intensity should be moderate enough yet not fatiguing to make you want to quit. Your routine should leave you feeling out of breath.

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