Following Strict Diet Plans Can Help You Pack On The Pounds

Many believe that diet plans are only for those wishing to lose weight, but to gain weight you will have to follow some type of eating routine. You will never add a pound to your skinny frame if you don't change your old eating habits.

When following your diet plan, you should try to eat well balanced meal, I usually try to consume 30% Protein in the form of meats or protein supplements, another 30 % in carbohydrates and 40% fat. The fat part is to make sure I am putting a few pounds per week. Diet Plans

One Of My Best Diet Tips: Try not to overdo the fatty foods, because loosing weight is way harder than gaining weight. Being thin, we can loose ten pounds very quickly by just adjusting back to our old way of eating.

In order to eat the right diet foods, you will need a balanced meal plan that will have you eating healthy foods that will help you to put on weight.

Weight Loss Diet Plan

I have seen so many different types of fad diet plans that I hardly know what is true and whom you can believe. The Internet is riddled with weight loss stories and can be really confusing for the average surfer.

When your struggling to loose weight you become confused and depressed. I believe everything takes time, and to loose weight means you have to stick with it, and stick to a healthy diets plan. I will cover a section on weight loss, where you will learn some simple tips that can shred weight without joining Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers.

Diet Foods

Sorry, got side tracked...

...back To my weight gain story.
Now, the truth of the matter is, that no matter what you believe and no matter what I tell you...

Best Weight Gain Diet Tip: You can only gain weight by understanding how many calories you eat daily and adding extra calories to your meal plan. I don't want you to become a calorie counting freak, but you must consume more food at least 5 to six meals daily.

When you start doing this, you will see a slight weight gain, maybe a couple pounds per week. To take this to another level you will have to add 500 calories more each and every day.

I used to measure the exact amount of calories on a daily basis, but as time went passed it became natural and I never lost a pound. For us thin folks, it will seem hard.

Let me explain: When I put on 15 lbs, I was jumping from joy and smiling. I got many compliments, and decided to add another 15 lbs, well it worked again, but I started to feel fat. That is what was strange I wasn't over-weight but I felt fat.

I dropped off, ten pound and then I felt great.

It is doable, just stick with it.

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