Is Low Carb Meals Really Good For Your Health?

Low Carb Meals

Wat are low carb meals?

Many believe that by following a low carb diet and using meals low in carbohydrate they will honestly lose weight faster and in a more effective way. You consume meals low in carbohydrates to decrease the production of insulin. A decrease in insulin forces the body to utilize it's fat reserve allowing you to burn fat and loose weight.

The most famous low carb diet is the Atkins Diet which states that the body burns protein first and carbohydrates last. Many obese or overweight people eat way to much carbohydrates which results in massive fat gain. Eating a balanced meal is still best, healthy eating is by far the best method and most effective weight loss remedy known to man.

According to them, eating more fat and protein will turn your body into a fat burning machine. Low carb foods can found all over the internet and in every food store you visit.

Problems With The Atkins diet:
Eating too much protein rich food is a sure way for an increase in cholesterol which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Low carbohydrates diets may lead to minimal weight loss in the early stages, however in the long run you won't see any significant loss.

You will be missing a lot of vitamins and nutrients, so you will have to add those in pill form or by just eating certain fruits.

A low carb meal is very low in carbohydrates and contains a much higher fat percentage, which is why it is very high in fat.

You are looking for an easy solution, none exist and what works is to understand that you are overeating. As long as you consume more calories than your body burns on a daily basis, you will gain weight. As I stated on my herbal weight loss page, you have to stop the overeating, and start a little exercise.

Scientist claims that this diet shouldn't work, and the research team from the United Kingdom proves that you can get slim by eating the right foods.

The whole truth and nothing but the truth:
The long term effect of the Atkins Diet can't be proven and what effects can be derived from this diet will startle you. Just watch the videos below, it consist of five videos, I have given links to the first two.

Low Carb Meal Sources:

To fully understand this type of diet and for more information about the Atkins Low Carb Diet visit

Read about the myths and truths about low carb dieting on

Video About Low Carb Dieting:

Part two of the Atkins diet video: Click here...

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