The most important part of any food and nutrition plan for anyone is the first meal of the day. Good nutrition starts with a eating a balanced diet.Even hard gainers should know that it is very important to eat nutritious foods in order to gain weight and what better way to start off the day but with a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Breakfast gives you more mental and physical energy to make it through the day. It can also help you in gaining weight successfully.

Food and Nutrition

In order to find the balance in what you eat you must include a variety of foods from the entire food group/food pyramid. The food group can be divided into four major categories:

  1. The milk group includes milk itself, cheese, and yoghurt. These are rich sources of calcium and protein.
  2. The meat group includes all types of meat (lean meat is the highest in nutrient density) and fish, and also nuts and pulses. They are good sources of protein, vitamin, zinc, magnesium, iron
  3. The fruit and vegetable group is the main source of minerals and vitamins. For example apricots, bean sprouts, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, cantaloupe, carrots, cauliflower and cucumbers.
  4. The cereal group includes all grains, such as wheat and rice, and their products. They are rich sources of carbohydrate, iron, protein, and magnesium.
Food and nutrition should be an important part of everyone's daily routine, as the saying goes: You Are What You Eat. Not everyone knows what counts as a healthy breakfast so here are some ideas what to eat:

  • Breakfast cereal with a cup of low-fat milk or low fat yogurt
  • An egg or pancake; French toast or waffle
  • Fruits like apples, bananas or oranges
  • A sandwich made with whole wheat bread, tuna or lean meat
  • Vegetables like cucumbers, lettuce or carrots can be added to your sandwich
  • Make an omelet with vegetables
  • A hundred percent fruit juices without added sugar, for example, apple, orange or cranberry juice
  • Hot oatmeal, oats made with skim milk will give you more flavor and an extra serving of calcium

Though we sometimes feel that we do not have enough time in the morning to have a complete breakfast you must still find the time to eat something on the run.A quick slice of toast with peanut butter, a banana, some milk and some dried fruit just to name a few. And if that is not possible try a nutritious fruit bar or some yogurt.

Whatever you choose as your favorite breakfast treat is up to you but you must never skip breakfast as it is the best way to start off your day.You should make sure that you have a balanced calorie intake from foods and beverages that nutritious and full of calories. Remember that a healthy mind needs a healthy body so engage in regular physical activities such as exercise, walking and swimming.

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For more food and nutrition information, visit the National Agricultural Library.

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