Health and Nutrition Tips For A Better Life

Health and Nutrition

First sign of great health and nutrition starts by eating a healthy balanced diet. Eating a variety of each food from the food pyramid for a healthy lifestyle. Too much of the same thing isn't good. Many of the nutritional values that our body needs for staying healthy can be derived from many overlooked foods from the five food groups. Your eating habits says a lot about you.

Fruits and vegetables should be the biggest part of your daily intake. The nutrients from this group protects us from many diseases, such as coronary heart diseases, certain cancers and obesity.

Bread, pasta, rice and potatoes makes up the starchy foods and should be eaten in moderation. This food group is rich in fiber and is the body's main source for energy.

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Dairy products are high in saturated fat and should be used sparingly. They are a very important source of calcium which is great for strong bones and healthy teeth.

The biggest problems many people face today is the fact that they consume too much sodas, pop and concentrated juices. The sugar content in those drinks are very high and contributes to much of the fat stored by the body.

Meat, Poultry, eggs and beans is our source for protein. The body needs protein to grow and repair itself. Our body is a self healing mechanism once we feed it the right foods. The food and nutrition section covers the various group in a more detailed manner.

Many of the nutrients we miss from our daily intake can be regained by consuming nutrition products. As I stated before too much from any food group isn't good for optimal health and too less can be bad as well. That is why it is best too eat more foods from the fruits and vegetables group than any other. A lot of fish is also great. Stay away from too much red meat.

Important Tip: Health and Nutrition without exercise doesn't fit well at all. Even a little exercise daily is better than no exercise at all.

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