The Importance of Meal Planning For Anyone Wishing To Gain or Lose Weight

Knowing what to eat is the most daunting task, while meal planning will help you avoid eating junk, on the other side, eating healthy foods that can help you lose weight or gain weight depending on what you desire. Don't assume this is only for busy Moms.

Meal Planning

Most of us don't set out to cheat on our diet, but at a given moment in time, we just can't figure out what we would like to eat and we hop on over to Mc. Donalds or some other fast food store and have a whopping fat day. To avoid that, you have to make time for your weekly meals.

There are many free meals planners online, but the best one I know of is the one from
It's a free planner, just sign up to receive yours.

Plan At Least One Healthy Meal For Each Day Of The Week

It is best to schedule the time to plan your meals for one week, it will save you time. I always make plans to build my weekly meal planner for a full week during the weekends. I have about six weekly meal plans that I mix and match. So I always have a meal planned that I can eat daily.

When trying to gain weight or lose weight, this will benefit you greatly if you have all your meals picked out in advance. You can rest assured that you will know exactly what to eat. I did this consistently for 3 months and noticed that it didn't matter after a time, I knew what to eat without thinking about it.

If you wish to follow your diet without fail, it is best to have all your meals scheduled before. This will keep you focused and eating home cooked meals is way better than eating out or even skipping meals. This method works best for weight loss as well as weight gain.

Many believe that meals planned ahead of time is a waste of time, but the whole idea here is to keep you from cheating on your diet. One can only see results if they stick with their plan.

For many years, I could gain weight, but I was eating what I wish and believed that it wasn't working. The day I planned out all my meals and followed that schedule for one month is when I gained a couple of pounds. For weight loss this will work the same way.

I did my list on a Friday, and would layout the whole week. If you're short for ideas, you can go to, they have a variety of healthy meals that you can follow. Just pay attention to the amount of calories. That's as easy as it comes. When you plan your meals it will save you from eating out and enforces that you follow a strict diet. Bon Appetit.

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