Is It Possible To Gain Muscle Mass While Training Just Three Days Per Week?

You won't gain muscle mass following those bodybuilding plans from those pumped up steroid junkies. They have schedules that are only suited for those that train five to seven days a week. That is way to difficult for hard gainers. You will get demotivated before you put on a pound.

Gain Muscle Mass

The glory and fame bodybuilding routines published in muscle magazines are outrageous, they claim that anyone can do it. Those magazines show guys that are ripped, they train heavily and add more muscles fast. The enhancement drugs that they use is what makes them put on weight fast, and build muscle even faster.

The truth: You will end up hurting yourself before you even understand how to gain muscle. To build muscle you will have to eat weight gain meals that will add weight to your thin frame. The next problem you will face is training the correct way to gain muscle mass.

As a hard gainer you will have to keep track of your metabolism, the way your body burns calories is your main focus. You have to make sure your body isn't burning more calories than you're eating on a daily basis. You have to learn to count calories. You can use a calories calculator to help you understand why this is so important and to keep track of the amount of calories you eat daily.

Muscle and Weight Gain Tips

The hardgainer body structure needs more daily protein intake to grow and build muscle. The more you eat the bigger you will get, but you have to eat healthy meals. Healthy eating will help you put on weight and avoid too much fat gain.

 Gain Muscle Mass

The biggest myth is that you have to train five or more days per week to put on body mass, but the truth is: You're not into bodybuilding, you only want to build muscle mass and gain weight. This can be accomplished by simply training three days per week, using only free weights, and weight lifting exercises that involves all your major muscle groups.

You should stick with bench press, dead-lifts, Military presses, seated rows, standing calf raises, barbell curls and pull ups. Your exercise routines should not run over an hour.

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