How To Determine If You're Too Thin

The world created that too thin look. The models are starving themselves just to fit in. What we are facing today is a society filled with top models and celebrities that are bordering anorexic. This is a serious issue that this industry is facing, and one where the once glamorous babes now look like malnutrition starved out dolls with no sex appeal. You don't have to be one of them.

Too Thin -Too Skinny

Thin is a good thing, but if you're too skinny then you can be unhealthy and could be facing some serious health issues once you continue eating too less. Your body needs food for energy, protein for growth and nutrients for optimum health, and once you're not eating enough you may be setting yourself up for some serious health issues later on.

Food and nutrition should not be taken lightly.

Nothing is carved in stone, but the height weight chart is a good place to start and determine your ideal weight. It gives you a bench mark to see if you're underweight or over-weight and a goal to work with.

What Should You Do If You're Too Thin?

If by any chance you feel like you're underweight, you should start eating healthy foods, and eating more meals per day. Let's say that you eat three meals per day, adding one extra snack or meal per day will be beneficial for long term weight gain. Stop eating junk food, get out of that habit.

Everyone was built differently because of their parents. Your genetic make-up dictates how you will look. But, being too skinny or too fat has nothing to do with genetics. Both are caused by either under-eating and over-eating.

The toughest thing for a thin person is adjusting to a new habit of eating more. Just start very small and eat a little more through-out the day. Drink fruit juices and even meal replacement packs. Weightgain is easy, once you start eating more calories than you are now.

For your muscles and body to grow healthy and strong you should be eating from the different food groups. Another overlooked problem with under eating is the mind. You can't focus and be productive when you're hungry. Don't take health and nutrition lightly, it will determine how well you age and avoid many aches and pains when your older.

Important Tip: You have to be very careful with kids, most children are short and their body weight isn't a big issue. With children one should pay much attention to obese or over weight kids. Don't hesitate if you child is overweight. Start with a proper diet plan right away.

Don't become obsessed with how you look, just be comfortable with yourself and accept the fact that no one is perfect. Make sure you're at a weight level that pleases you and don't be doing it for anyone but yourself.

To be thin is way better than to be too fat, just make sure you're enjoying a well rounded balanced diet.

If at anytime you start to see bones and can count ribs, then you know you're way too thin, that may even one of those anorexia signs. Don't ignore it, you will need to seek help immediately.

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