Identifying Anorexia Signs - Do You Know What To Look For?

Spotting anorexia signs can be a life saver. Anyone suffering from anorexia nervosa will need professional help and to be able to identify if someone you know is suffering from this disorder can save their life if you spot the signs in a early stage. Anorexia recovery is possible once you spot the signs and they are taken to a professional treatment center or even a counselor.

People with anorexia try hard not to gain weight, they restrict the amount of food they eat, they binge and purge (something like bulimia)while others vomit just to minimize the amount of calories they eat on a daily basis.

Noticing the signs of anorexia

Anyone suffering from a eating disorder try their utmost best to disguise the symptoms. Their are a couple trends that you can look for:

  • Severe Weight Loss - Any sudden drop in weight may be a sign to look for. They eat very little and come with excuses as to why they are not eating.
  • Distorted Body Image - Constantly weighing themselves and complaining about certain areas of their body. They see themselves as fat, no matter how thin they are.
  • Avoid Eating In Public - They hide to eat their food, cutting food up into little pieces and only eating certain types of food. Always saying that they are full once in public places. Afraid of putting on any type of weight.
  • Suffering From Health Issues - They are very weak and faint away often. In girls/women you will notice that their menstrual cycle is off, sometimes no period at all.
  • Excessive Exercising - Daily exercising sometimes even three time per day. They do anything to lose weight and as they grow weaker the exercising stops.
  • Always Feeling Cold - Always complaining how cold it is or wearing many different pieces of clothing
  • Emotional Issues - Always moody and complains about everything. No one can talk to them about their eating habits or that they are looking thin. Always very hyped up and confronts anyone who talks about their health or their weight loss issues.

The above eating disorder signs are the most common, please pay attention to anyone you think may be suffering from this disorder, it is life threatening. You can help if you alert someone or speak with them. Don't think they can do it on their own, they can't. They need counseling or professional help. See the image below for more anorexia signs:

Anorexia Signs

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