WeightGain - Where Do You Start?

Are you struggling with weightgain? Are you a hard gainer? Are you very thin? I can continue asking questions and you will answer yes to each one. What I wish to show you now is that you can put on a couple pounds in just a few months, by eating healthy or should I say... Eating The Right Way. WeightGain The toughest part for any hard gainer is understanding how your body works. You have a high metabolism, and I know you know that. But do you know that gaining weight isn't going to be easy until you first figure out exactly how much you're eating on a daily basis.

You will need to start counting calories. The calories calculator will only be needed in the first couple of days. Once you have established exactly how much calories you consume on a daily basis then you can move on.

So, let's get started...

You have to create a meal plan. Why?

Creating Your WeightGain Meal Plan

Without a meal plan, you will drop back and lose focus. Meal Planning will help you create your healthy meals that you will eat on a daily basis. You have to create meals that has a total calorie count of at least 500/600 calories.

Next you will have to eat at least 5 to six meals daily. I also love to add a couple of meal replacements packs. These are protein rich meals, which are just protein shakes. They help our body to grow faster.

A hard gainer needs to eat well balanced meals, and at times it will seem difficult to come up with your own ideas. Click here to see one of my favorite weight gain meals. This is just an example, you can create your own, just do it.

Example: I wish to point out Oprah weight gain problem, it is as if she loses the weight and a couple months later regains the weight. Do you think it is her personal trainer?

This is a lady who can hire the best of the best trainers, but still can't keep the weight off. It is based on her slow metabolism. She is just the opposite to any hard gainer out there. She would be glad to be able to burn the fat as fast as you hardgainers do. the benefit you have being a hard gainer is that you have the ability to lose weight fast. Your problem is gaining weight, and that is because you're not eating enough.

So, you have to slow down your metabolism.

Important tip: You need to drink lots of water and make sure you're getting enough rest as well. A Well rested body will give the body time to rebuild. That in turn can help you slow down your metabolism and that eventually will enable you to put on weight.

Don't stop here... add more calories... and eat some more...

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