Muscle Gain For Hard Gainers

The frustration of no muscle gain while training for months in a gym or at home is what makes most hard gainers quit. You don't have to quit or listen to the masses who are saying that it's your bad genes. You can put on 15 to 30 pounds in 3 months with the right training and dieting information.

The most important thing to consider right now is that for any hard gainer to build mass they must first learn how to eat right. To put on weight you will require more protein. The body needs protein to grow.

Training like a professional bodybuilder is not going to help you, your metabolism is already set to high. You need to train less, you should train at least two to three times a week. Many believe that you can't gain muscle mass by training just three times a week. Muscle gaining requires heavy weights and less days in the gym.

Truth: You build muscles while your body is recovering.

While in the gym I often notice people training for more than an hour some even training for two hours. That is beyond exhaustion. You should limit your training sessions to under an hour, 45 minutes to one hour is just fine.

Muscle and weight gain go hand in hand. To build any type of muscle, you first have to gain weight. Weightgain means eating more food. The more calories you consume the bigger you will get and if you're training that will mean more muscle mass. Your practically turning those calories into muscles.

Small gains will inspire you to train harder, but the truth is you shouldn't. Continue to train only two to three days per week. Your body will grow slowly and your muscle growth as well. More doesn't mean bigger, always remember that when it come to weight lifting.

Gain Muscle Resources:

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