"A Hardgainer Workout That Gets Results!"

Hardgainer Workout

Before I begin you must understand the hardgainer workout routine and the type of body structure that will benefit from this type of physical exercise. The skinny small framed hard to put on weight type also referred to as the ectomorph. This routine can also work for the mesomorph and endomorph, the other body type structures. They all strive for ways to build muscle fast but are following advice from muscle magazine idols and steroid users.

The hardgainer is very weak and can't lift heavy weights. That is the number one reason why they are afraid to enter any gym. The truth is, once you get to a gym the trainers are very understanding and usually work with you. They build a training routine that will fit with your body type and they tend to start you off with very light weights.

The work out plan is not the problem most of the time. It is sticking with any work out routines that you start with and being consistent for at least three months. You will only progress once you don't quit.

Anyone who can stick with the plan for three consecutive months will see progress and will start to gain muscle mass. For the hard gainer it takes more time, slow progress wins this race.

The other problem that many hard gainers face is that they believe that they will grow bigger by lifting heavier weights.

The truth: It's not the weights that build muscles, it's the food that you eat. You have to add weight gain meals that will make weight gain possible.

Hard Gainer Workout

Important Tip: many trying to gain weight and build muscles lack sleep. Your body needs rest to grow. Try to cut back on late nights. Try to get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily.

You should try to train three days per week or less no more, your body will need time to recover after each training. You're sure to gain 5 to ten pounds the first couple of months once you're using protein supplements or getting the needed protein for body growth.

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A very informative article for any hard gainer trying to add muscle mass. A hard gainer training routine for muscle mass gain from TrulyHuge.com

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