Five Reason How To Gain Weight and Build Muscle Fast

The biggest benefit from being a hard gainer is the fact the we can build muscle fast because of having a low body fat percentage. Or should I say that you have absolutely no fat at all . Anyone, no matter how thin they are stands a better chance at gaining a couple pounds of muscle mass with the right training and meal plans.

With that in mind you should understand that it is much easier for a hard gainer to put on weight than it is to build any type of muscle mass. All you have to learn is the proper way to weight train and how to design the perfect weight gain diet that will fit with your body type.

Start Building Muscle Fast By Using These Five Muscle Building Tips

  1. Commit to your program - To gain any type of muscle mass you will have to be committed. You can't decide to start training and eating according to your own plan. You have to train with a schedule, follow the basic weight training exercises laid out and you must use your designed meal plan.
  2. Build Muscle Fast

  3. Plan your weight gain meals - You must eat at least five to six meals daily. You're a hard gainer and the only way to gain weight is by consuming more calories than you burn. Eat and weight train my friend, if you wish to build muscle fast that is.
  4. Train with heavy weights - In the beginning you will be the weakling amidst many. Don't be intimidated, that will soon change. Start training with just the bar. Do as many reps as you can, once your strength starts increasing start adding weight to your work out routine. No more than ten reps otherwise you will start burning muscles, because you have no fat to burn.
  5. Drink lots of water - You don't want to become de-hydrated. You have to drink lots of fluids, juices and water is a must. To gain any type of weight you will need lots of liquid, especially water. Add milk to your daily drinking schedule as well, the more the better. Milk and water. Muscle tissues break down each time you train, and they will need to rebuild. Water is the cure for that.
  6. Eat more fat and use protein supplements - Protein is the building block for muscle mass, without it your muscles won't grow. Add a little fat to your meals, you're a hard gainer and we have to add on the pounds by eating, and the bodybuilding will turn the weight gain into muscle gain.

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