Weight Gaining Tips That Will Help You Pack On A Pound

If you're underweight, then my weight gaining tips will show you exactly what you need to put on weight. And I am not referring to any type of body building routine that will have you going to a gym seven days a week only to be disappointed. Weight Gaining Tips There are ways to gain weight that is so easy, yet many fail to follow advice from those who were once really thin just like yourself today. I was there, been called all kinds of names. One name that stood out is "skinny" and up to now I am called that no matter how much I weigh or how my body looks.

Following A Proven Weight Gaining Diet

Is there such a thing as a proven weight gain diet that can help you put on weight fast.

I can honestly say that there are no secrets when it comes to weight gain. One have to figure out what their daily intake is and the amount of calories that your body consumes on a daily basis. You have to learn how to count calories, you can use the calories calculator on this site.

Many speak of weight gain supplements as the answer, while I feel a balanced method works best. I do use supplements, but only for meal replacement. As you can see I believe that one can only fully grasp why they are not gaining weight once they understand that they are under-eating.

My Top Five Weight Gaining Tips

  • Protein Intake - Protein is what helps your body to grow. Most skinny thin framed people simply don't eat enough protein on a daily basis. You have to start eating more meat, poultry, yogurt, cheeses and eggs. Healthy eating habits starts by understanding the food pyramid.
  • Eat at least 500 extra calories per day. To gain a couple pounds per week, you would have to eat a minimum of 500 extra calories daily. To put on two pounds of body weight you would have to eat 3500 calories per week. With this in mind it is just a matter of checking what you eat daily and seeing if you meet the minimum requirements. You should also review the height weight chart to know your overweight, underweight or obese.
  • Drink Lots Of Liquid - Your body is made up of mostly liquid. To gain some extra weight, you will have to start drinking a lot of juices and water. Many skinny people forget this part. You have a high metabolism and you need to eat and drink a lot to pack on the pounds.
  • Snack More Often - The toughest part of a weight gain plan is the eating. Many skinny people hate to eat. They eat three time a day, sometimes even less. To turn this around you will have to start eating at least five to six time a day. To help you put on weight you will have to learn to eat snacks even when your not hungry. My weight gaining tips works really well, once you make the lifestyle change they will work for you.
  • Work out with weights - Weight training should not be overlooked. If you wish to only gain weight and don't mind the fat. Then by all means go with the eating routines outlined on this site and you will gain weight. But, I like to believe that a fit and lean body looks great no matter what. With that in mind I have added a hardgainer workout routine that will be easy to follow and will fit with your lifestyle.
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