How To Gain Weight Fast By Eating Right

To gain weight fast one must understand their own body structure. If you have a high metabolism, you will actually have to learn to count calories. Counting calories will determine the amount of calories your body burns on a daily basis. That will be the bench mark for you to now put on weight.

You can use the calories calculator, it is very easy to use and will help you determine exactly what (the amount of calories) you eat on a daily basis.

This process can't and won't work unless you know exactly how much calories your body burns daily.

Gain Weight Fast

Fast Weight Gain Without Lifting Weights

There is a big myth online that you need to lift weights to build muscle and gain weight. Weight lifting will help you tone up your body, so it is advisable, but you don't have to do any type of bodybuilding if you don't want to.

I love the idea of lifting weights while gaining weight because you will turn each pound of weight gain into pure muscles. Should you wish to build muscles then you can read that article, it will show you exactly how easy that is.

To gain weight you have to start eating weight gain foods and keep away from junk food and fatty foods. The biggest benefit you have as a thin person is that you can lose weight very fast. With that in mind, you can eat and eat until you have gained the weight you're comfortable with.

Not any meal will do, you need weight gain meals for hard gainers. I like to say, any pound of weight added to a skinny person frame makes them look good.

Eating Right To Gain Weight Fast

To add a pound of weight per week, would mean we have to eat and extra 500 calories per day.

What I did was do push-ups each morning and in the evening, that is all the exercise I did. A bodybuilding coach told me to do just that to build strength before I started bodybuilding. I did that for 1 month, while eating 5 to 6 meals per day.

I ate everything, almost everything under the sun.

What I did notice is that you should eat more protein foods, and carbs with each meal. Would you believe that I ate rice, beans and chicken breast early in the morning for breakfast. I was eating like every 3 hours. At times when I felt lazy, I would drink protein supplements or meal replacement packs. They were easy to consume, so I substituted two packs for two meals each day.

Important Tip: No matter what you do, please stay away from red meat, especially if served rear. Too much red meat isn't healthy, eat more chicken breast, eggs, turkey, lean meats and beans for protein.

My Transformation - Took Two Years To Gain Weight Fast

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