The Five Biggest Myths About Bodybuilding Supplements

There are many myths about bodybuilding supplements that are not true and many hard gainers are afraid to use these supplements for weight gain. What I would like to make clear is the fact that no one needs to use any type of bodybuilder supplements whatsoever to put on weight.

Body building Supplements are mostly used by bodybuilders to put on mass and to help speed up the recovery time after any heavy weight lifting session.

Bodybuilding Supplements

Five Myths About Bodybuilding Supplements

  1. Body Building Supplements Are Steroids - Bodybuilders need protein for their muscles to grow bigger, and they use a powdered form of protein that they mix into shakes and drink after a workout to help restore muscle tissue. This is not steroids. For hard gainers I recommend you use bodybuilding weight gainers to help you put on weight, but you will have to also do some weight lifting in order to build muscles instead of fat.

  2. Your Muscles Will Grow Bigger Much Faster - Sorry to burst your bubble here, it is not the supplements that grows your muscles, it is the effort from the gym, the amount of weight you lift is what causes your muscles to grow bigger.

  3. Body Building Supplements Have Many Side Effect

    - Protein powder is made of nothing more than amino acids, which are the basic building blocks for muscle growth. There are no harmful products included within protein supplements.
  4. Using Body Building Supplements Will Help You Gain Weight Without Exercise - I have a friend who believed in this one. He told me that he ate protein supplements daily, but the only thing that gained weight was his face. Their are ways to gain weight by eating healthy foods. Weight gain eating is simple, once you understand how to eat..

  5. Body Building Supplements Are Expensive - They are not, you can purchase weight gain or supplements for bodybuilding at discount prices. Price isn't the issue, it is usage and the proper way to eat is what helps you gain muscle mass or weight.

Muscle supplements should not be used alone, you have to follow a proper diet and eat at least five to six meals that will help you to gain weight. It is all about eating more calories than your body burns on a daily basis.

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