Total Body Workout At Home

You can use free weights or any type of machine to workout at home. You don't necessarily need to visit the gym to get a total body workout. There are however some expensive gym machines that are very good, and I would like to cover one of them as well. Exercise and fitness goes hand in hand with nutrition. If you're not eating the right foods, you won't build muscles and gain any weight.

Workout At Home

Before you attempt to start any type of exercise routine, you first have to understand food and nutrition. If you're not eating healthy foods then you're wasting your precious time.

Once you start with any form of exercises you will need to warm up, five to ten minutes of cadio or some light stretching. After you're done, you will need to stretch again for another five minutes.

If you're into building muscles while at home you will need to get a home gym. BowFlex offers a complete home gym that is ideal and can help you build more muscles by exercising just 30 minutes a day. It offers 95 different exercises, includes a lat tower and leg extension station.

Work Out At Home

You will need a set of dumbbells or a medium to heavy barbell with weights to perform some basic moves to get you started.

Make sure you are using light weights...

Let's start with:

  • Chest Workout: - Push-ups are very good for developing the chest muscles. You can also lie flat on your back and do dumbbell flies and chest presses with barbells.
  • Shoulder Presses - standing or seated shoulder presses can be done with barbells or the dumbbells.
  • Squats - You can do lunges and squats with barbells with light weight for development of your leg muscles.
  • Barbell Row - Barbell row for developing the back muscles.
  • Ab Crunches - Ab crunches to develop the abdominal muscles
  • Barbell curls - To build stronger arm muscles, you can do sets of curls with the barbell or with the dumbbells.

You can do a full body workout at home using just the methods suggested above. Do 2 to 3 sets of each exercise. Pick two or three exercises per day. Don't make this complicated you're not trying to build big muscles. The routine outlined is to keep you fit and healthy.

Important Tip: I believe in using the gym membership and a exercise partner. The reason is that we motivate each other and stay consistent. When you work out at home, you're all alone. It takes a strong willed person to be motivated enough to stay on track and exercise according to a plan when doing it alone.

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