The Most Effective Weight Loss Exercises

There are a few weight loss exercises that will increase your metabolic rate. Everyone believes that the harder you train with weights the more muscle mass you will develop. But that is absolutely not true. You can achieve great weight loss results by doing just three exercises only three times per week.

Weight Loss Exercises

The main focus here should be on your dieting, the foods you eat is what will help you loose weight. You have to eat fat burning foods to see great results combined with those three exercises for weight loss.

Cardiovascular exercises is the one exercise for weight loss that I consider really important and you should only do it before you start any exercise routine. I would advice walking only if you don't have any type of problems with your knee joints. Walking once or twice per week can do wonders. For cardio I recommend using the treadmill. Swimming or aerobics is also useful cardio exercises you can start with.

I can't stress it enough, exercise and weight loss go hand in hand. To get the best results you should do both. Dieting and exercising is the best method for rapid weight loss.

You have to start slowly and increase the resistance. The more strain you add, the more your body adapts and the more your metabolism increases.

Top Three Exercise For Weight Loss

The method I am about to describe here is not for obese people. I will cover that in another section. This method is for those who can do physical exercises and are willing to push themselves a little harder to see fast results.

You can use only squats, dead lifts and bench presses for fast weight loss gain. The method here works really great if you keep increasing the amount of weight you lift on a weekly basis. Again, start with very light weights your first week, and slowly increase your performance each and every week. This method works extremely well if you stick with it, and go to the gym at least three times per week.

Your workouts should last 30 to 45 minutes. If performed well, you should be able to train each body part at least twice weekly.

Weekly work out routine:

  • Monday: - Squats and chest
  • Wednesday: - Deadlifts and chest
  • Friday: - Squats and Deadlifts
Weight Loss Exercises This method can turn flab into muscles really fast because you're targeting your whole body and using only the major muscle groups which will stimulate muscular growth much faster. To be successful, you will have to follow a fat loss diet routine.

Please consult with your physician or a certified trainer at the gym where you workout before attempting any physical exercise routine.

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