My Top Weight Gain Tips Or Should I Say fat Tips


y weight gain tips for this page is dedicated to my friends, who just couldn't put on weight no matter what. They are like the ultimate hard gainer.

As my friend said: "He could eat lard and just wouldn't put on a pound."

If you are like him, then this page is a must.

What my good friend didn't know is; there are many types of slim shady bodies out there. The high calorie burners, who work hard for a living, sweating daily under the hot sun.

Three Fat Tips That Will Help You Gain Weight Quick

Weight Gain Tips

1. For starters, you should start drinking more liquid, add a lot more water to your weight gain diet. Try not to add too many sweet drinks, like sodas. Stay away from alcoholic beverages for the time period your trying this out.

2. Next, you have to add more hours to your sleep routine. A well rested body functions better and gives the body more time to store fat.

3. You gotta increase the amount you eat. Increase your snack time. Snack more often, add a couple healthy snacks or weight gain packs to your daily meals.

You don't want to put on too much weight too fast, check what you eat and weigh yourself before you start and every two to three weeks.

A good goal is to strive to add 5 to 10 pounds a month.

Trust me: For a thin person, everyone will start complementing you on how good you look if you can reach that goal. I added 15 lbs of weight in just 3 months, and I felt like a king.

Everyone was telling me how great I looked. you can hear the same compliments, just stick with the weight gain diet plan.

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