To Put ON Weight You Need Weight Gain Recipes From Bodybuilders


o gain weight you will need a variety on your plate. I will show you some weight gain recipes that are very easy to prepare and taste very good. This will prevent boredom, and keep you eating.

Even if you can't cook an egg to save your life, the recipes that I will be pointing out are those that are simple to prepare, the ones I have used for many years.

Healthy Chicke Recipes

My favorite food to put on weight is chicken breast. I used to season a whole batch of chicken breast and would stew it down. When I had time to spare I would grill a couple for that day.

I added vegetables and potatoes to the mix. My main meal consisted of chicken breast, vegetables and potatoes. The chicken breast is a high protein source. I also used protein drinks from Joe Weider and EAS.

If your not sure about preparing your chicken breast, you can visit for a variety of healthy chicken recipes.

Whenever I didn't reach my target weight for that week, I would head off to and prepare one of their bodybuilding recipes. The idea here is to constantly add a variety of healthy weight gain meals that will help you maintain and add more weight.

As you can see, you will need to build a recipe book with all your favorite easy to prepare meals. Anything that is easy to prepare and taste great will do. Try not to add too much fatty foods, that will defeat the purpose and just add pure fat to your body.

The Best Way To Gain Weight

Five tips that are guaranteed to help you gain weight. Any hard gainer or skinny person struggling to put on weight needs to know this.

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