Weight Gain Program That Will Help You Put On Weight In Less Than 90 Days, Guaranteed!

I would love to design a weight gain program whereby anyone who is considered a hard gainer would be able to see how easy it is to put on weight in s very short time. The time span I am referring to is from 60 days to 90 days. The amount of weight that you can gain, can range from 20 pounds up to 35 lbs.

This is just a dream, and I think that together with my readers I will one day realize this program and be able to help anyone wishing to put on weight.

My Weight Gain Plan

To make such a plan work, I will have to create a page with weight gain meals that one can use on a daily basis. The variety will have to enable one to choose exactly what they will need to eat each and everyday. I can see this won't be easy, but this is my plan for this web site.

It will have to be a step by step program, where we will begin by counting calories, and by using the calorie calculator each member will know exactly how many calories they need to eat.

The most biggest problem I forecast will be getting the members to really eat the foods, and to follow a healthy way of eating.

Weight Gain Foods

As I site here typing this information, my mind is occupied with exactly how to get this all done, in a fashion that all hard gainers can benefit. I will need input from my readers to accomplish this, and will need testimonials from those who have gained weight by following the methods outlined on this web site.

I am at a stage where this is a beginning phase, the ideas are all in my head, but I am now in the process of creating the site with all the foods that will help you put on weight easy.

The menu will be easy to follow and will have 5 or six meals stipulated for each day of the week. I am creating a variety of meals to choose from, at least 3 or 4 meals for each day of the week.

How Long Before You Gain A Couple Pounds?

If one follows the method outlined, I do believe you would be able to gain 15 pounds or more in 60 days, and as much as 35 pounds in 90 days.

Problems Hard Gainers Face Daily

The problems I have seen in my life is more or less what many hard gainers face daily. The biggest problem they all face is to start eating 5 to 6 meals daily. Most hard gainers eat way to less, they eat two to three meals daily and is convinced that is enough for them to gain weight.

As is now, they eat barely enough to stay alive, I will have to design this weight gain program in a way that they see the benefit of eating and why it is so important to consume more calories on a daily basis.

the whole idea behind this program is not some type of bodybuilding program, where we train hard with weights to put on mass. No, I want to show people how to eat right and gain weight. The weight lifting part is for those who wish to add a little muscle to their frame. It can't do no harm if you ask me.

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