Teenage weight gain: How can a teenage girl gain weight fast?

Why do certain girls gain so much weight while others don't? Teenage weight gain can be a problem for some girls, the reason for this could be your overactive metabolism in other words, you burn more calories than you consume. Quick weight gain can therefore be a real issue for some teenage girls as they are often involved in various extra curricular activities such as athletics, dancing and swimming. Do not get caught up in the myths about eating junk food in order to gain weight quickly, these foods will only make you gain body fat.

Teenage Weight Gain

Weight gain for teens could be as simple as watching your nutrition and getting regular exercise. A teenage girl will have to ensure that she gets enough vitamins, minerals, proteins and calcium.

In order for a teenage girl to gain weight fast and healthily, she should:

  • Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits
  • Eat five to six meals a day
  • Add butter or margarine to food such as bagels, bread
  • Use whole fat dairy products (whole milk, cheese or yogurt)
  • Use oils when cooking for example olive oil/ canola oil
  • Be sure to exercise; weight bearing exercises adds curves to your body and increases your appetite

A Teenager who wants to gain weight can do so simply by finding the balance between eating healthy calorie-rich foods and by exercising. Whatever route you take it is very important that you are happy with your body.

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