Lose Pregnancy Weight - What to Expect after giving Birth


It is not easy for some women to lose pregnancy weight. What you need to remember is that you gained quite a bit of weight during your pregnancy so it will take some time to lose it. Do not try to lose the weight too quickly because it took you nine months to gain it. Weight loss pregnancy should take time, there is no rush, give your body time to recover after child birth.

Weight loss after pregnancy can be tackled in various ways;

Lose Pregnancy Weight

  1. Drink a lot of water
  2. Keep healthy snacks handy such as raisins, wheat crackers and nuts
  3. Eat lean meats; boneless chicken and the leanest cut beef
  4. Eat whole grain; bread, cereals, pasta
  5. Avoid junk food, like burgers, pizza and french fries
  6. Start with light exercise; for example 10 minute walks or a short swim
  7. Make sure your diet is low-fat, rich in vitamins and high in fiber

Even though it is a good idea to eat healthy, you need to take your time as far as weight loss after pregnancy is concerned. Over time you should be able to lose the weight gained during pregnancy. The whole point is to stay happy and healthy after your pregnancy.

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