Are You One Of Those Fat Kids?

Fat Kids

Many of you have to clue what fat kids have to face on a daily basis. They become introverts and start accepting the fact that they don't fit into this society. But...

You're not at fault. Many parents think that chubby kids are pretty and they over-feed these kids on a daily basis. Once your stomach size increases it will continue to grow and so will that child.

There isn't anything wrong with fat children, and please don't think that I am talking them down in any form or fashion. I blame the parents of those who let those kids consume so many calories on a daily basis. These kids practically do no physical activities whatsoever. They sit and eat 6 to 8 times or more per day. They snack every hour.

Note: We can learn a lot from their eating pattern, and it can help the hard gainers out there to understand how to gain weight.

Today those huge fat kids would do anything to loose a couple pounds. We should teach our kids not to pick on obese kids. Do you know that in every school there are many over-weight kids that hide to eat lunch. They just don't fit in or at least that is what they think. The kids are tired of being ridiculed.

The pressure these kids face because of their over-weight problem is scary. Are they to blame?

Or should I say; How can we help them?

Five Tips To Help Obese Kids Lose Weight

  1. Healthy Eating- Practice healthy eating habits from very young. Give them a variety of healthy foods. Try to eliminate junk food altogether. Be their role model.
  2. Watch What They Drink- Cut out the sodas and concentrated juice. Try to get them to drink more water, and milk. Too much of nothing isn't any good.
  3. Dieting- Get them to follow a slight diet. You control the food supply in the house. Change your eating habits also. If you're on a diet chances are they will follow. Stop over eating, no need to clean your plate. Eat more fruits and vegetables, cut back on fatty foods. Eat more lean meat, fish and smaller meat portions.
  4. Exercise- Start some type of exercise program. get them into walking, swimming, dancing and you be the guide. Just get them off the couch.
  5. Show Them Love- Over feeding them is not love. Talk to them and tell why you are changing their eating habits and serve different foods, change your family lifestyle. Let them know how much you love them. Love them back to a healthy size. They want it also, because they wish to blend in, but your their role model and you accept it.

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