The Way To Fast Weight Gain Is By Eating More Than Your Body Burns

It is really strange when someone speaks of a hard gainer, and the best way to fast weight gain is to just eat more. But that also leads to that same person complaining about how much they eat on a daily basis and how they can't gain weight.

This may seem weird, but I never understood what calorie consumption meant either. To me it was just about eating.

Healthy Weight Gain

The problem with most people with high metabolisms is that they can eat as much as they want, and won't gain weight because they actually burn more calories than they consume. In the end they assume they can't gain weight, but they just don't understand that they need to eat more.

Sometimes a simple weight gain product, can make the difference. Those products are very high in protein and also very high in calories. Using those products is a quick weight gain method, that I myself have used.

Learning To Count Calories

Fast weight gain means understanding how to count calories. The idea here is to see how much calories you eat on a daily basis, that way you will know how much calories your body burns each day.

Once you have that under control...

Then you can start eating just a little more each day. Let me explain this further. To fully grasp what I am saying we have to go back to the baby concept.

Count Calories

As a baby, we tend do nothing more than eat, sleep and poop all day. But in reality that baby is consuming more and more calories than they burn. They do not do any kind of exercise, so their metabolism is practically sleeping. That is the reason why all babies are so chubby and cute.

A baby eats 4 to 6 meals daily, and they are hungry every two to three hours. As a baby grows, they become more active, and they start eating less.

As a grown up, we try to eat at least three meals a day, and that is why we don't gain anymore weight as a hard gainer. We are practically starving ourselves to death.

To gain a couple extra pounds all you will need to do is to add a couple extra meals to your daily eating routine, that will result in a fast weight gain. Don't dwell on counting calories, it's more important to just eat extra meals daily.

Here are six steps that wrote about faster weight gain

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