How To Burn The Fat and Lose Weight

To burn the fat, you first need to understand how the body works. The way the body stores fat from certain foods and how it burns fat is what many neglect. if you understand how your body acquires fat, then you will know what to avoid.

The body using two main sources for energy, namely glucose and fat.

Where Does The Glucose Come From?

Another name for glucose is sugar, sugar in our blood (blood sugar). Your body uses carbohydrates to manufacture sugar. The liver creates glucose from vegetables, fruits, rice, bread and potatoes and the pancreas regulates the distribution through the production of insulin.

Burn The Fat

The body uses carbs, fat and occasionally proteins (amino acids) to produce glucose. A person who exercises burns different amounts of fat and glucose than one who doesn't. The ratio is not easy to calculate, because many different factors plays a role.

Glucose is fuel for your brain, and food for the body.

Once your body has a high glucose production, it will store any abundance in fat cells what it can't get rid of. This is how over a period of time someone will start gaining pounds slowly and a continuous eating of candy, starchy foods, cakes or sweet drinks, sugar and sweet stuff will lead to obesity.

Does Weight Lifting Burn Fat?

Exercise and weight lifting will stimulate muscle growth and the more muscles you have the more energy your body will need to burn. The higher your muscle to fat ratio, the more energy your body will need to burn, and that means more fat loss.

The body burns more carbs during intense movement exercises, when you need a burst of energy. The longer the work-out then the body will start burning fat. During longer work-outs the body will tend to burn more fat.

Important note: Don't get confused into thinking that working out for two to three hours per day will burn more fat. Weight loss depends on the intensity of the work-out and not the duration. To burn the fat, you should work-out for only 30 to 45 minutes max. For beginners starting with just cardio will help you to lose weight, and as you gain strength and endurance then increase your work-out time and intensity. Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

For anyone who is serious about burning fat, I would recommend you look at Tom Venuto's website for a more in depth look at the type of foods to avoid. He shows you exactly what type of foods to eat, foods that burn fat and how to boost your energy levels and metabolism. His approach is orthodox and he cover ways to lose fat that is not unknown but just neglected.

I can't stress enough that you should monitor what you eat. Healthy eating is a must and understanding which fat burning foods can increase your metabolism will help you to start losing weight even before you start any type of physical exercise.

Yoga Exercises to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

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