How To Build Muscle Mass Even If You're Very Thin

Any thin person wanting to build muscle mass will have a more tougher time getting started. The reason can be a simple one such as shyness. You can be scared of that you will be teased once you get into the gym. I can name many more reasons, but the main thing I wish to accomplish here is finding a solution that can get you motivated enough to take the first step.

I cannot stress this enough, but the amount of weights a hard gainer will start out with is very low. I started lifting only the bar. I wasn't scared I got over my fears and went into the gym, all alone.

Build Muscle Mass

What I have to say it is more a mind matter, you have to want it bad enough and do whatever it takes to start. Once you start you will get the motivation to keep on. Three consecutive months of just 3 days per week can produce great results while training just 30 to 45 minutes per session.

Building Muscle Mass With Slow Weight Increases

To gain muscle for thin people is not as difficult as many would think. You have to realize your not strong and don't go into the gym with a mindset of lifting heavy weights.

The first couple of days after beginning a training routine, you will be very sore and stiff. That is why it is very important to use light weights, and don't do to much complicated exercises. You should be stretching and loosening your muscles in a slow manner.

Most newcomers quit once the soreness sets in and say they can't deal with pain. This is normal for the first week or two. Stick with it, the pain will pass and from then on, you will have soreness only from the intensity of your work out.

For your muscles to grow you will have to keep increasing your weight on a weekly basis. Just add small weight increments whenever you want. You're actually trying to build muscles, and to do such, you must stress your muscles by adding weights and eating more meals daily.

Don't let the terms used in the gym confuse you. There are drop sets, super sets, negative reps, forced reps and a whole load of other means that stimulate muscle growth. It doesn't mean a thing for a hard gainer. What you have to do is, just go to the gym and try to do 3 sets of ten reps with a weight that you can handle.

Building Muscle Mass

If you can do more than 12 reps, then you should increase your weight. That means the weights you're using is not strenuous enough to help you gain muscle mass. I have compiled one of my hard gainer work out routines, they are simple but very effective.

Important tip: The best tip I can give that will help you build muscle mass is that weight lifting alone won't contribute to mass gain, you have to start eating weight gain meals that will help you add a couple pounds weekly to your thin frame.

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